The suicidal song

nu ştiam că există aşa ceva, dar, vorba aia, omul cât trăieşte învaţă.

Se pare, ca nenea Rezso Seress, prin 1933 a scris o piesă. Cu timpul, a fost denumită “The hungarian suicidal song”. Se pare că e o piesă depresivă. Eh oricum daca esti trist, orice te deprimă. Acum, se zvoneşte că Groomy Sunday, a fost de fapt ceea ce a scris soţia lui în biletul ei de adio când s-a sinucis.

Am descoperit că versurile originale ale piesei sunt (traducerea în engleză)

World Has Come To Its End

‘t is autumn with withered
leaves whirling.
On earth, love among
people has died.
With tears of sorrow the
autumn wind’s sobbing,
for a new spring my heart
is too hopeless to wait.
Invain all my tears, all
my sufferings invain,
heartless the people, wicked
and all full of greed…

Love has died!

The world and all hope
has come to its end,
Cities wiped out in
resounding shrapnel.
Bright meadows with human
blood coloured red.
Dead people scattered
on the streets everywhere.
So once more quietly
I will say my prayer:
“My Lord, people are
erring and prone to sin…

World has come to its end!

Dar, lumea a schimbat versurile şi au pus versurile unui poem al lui László Jávor, care sunt următoarele :

Gloomy Sunday with a hundred white flowers

I was waiting for you my dearest with prayer

A Sunday morning, chasing after my dreams

The carriage of my sorro returned to me without you

It is since then that my Sundays have been forever sad

TEars my only drink, the sorrow my bread

This las Sunday, my darling please come to me

There will be a priest, a coffin, a catafalque and a widing-sheet

There will be flowers for you, flowers and a coffin

Under the blossoming trees it will be my last journey

My eyes will be open, so that i could see you for a last time

Don’t be afraid of my eyes, I’m blessing you even in my death

the last Sunday.

Pe mine, piesa asta m-a mişcat, şi poate într-o zi, am să-ţi zic şi de ce

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