povesti pe ciorne

Fairy Tale generator

The fairy placed a single seed in my palm which I immediately planted and tended to for months. For days, I watered the seed, showered it with words of encouragement as it grew into a young sprout, and gave it proper space and care as it blossomed fully into a magnificent red rose that granted any wish that I whispered lovingly into its soft petals.

So I began my journey home.

I watched as my magic needle pricked a hole in the tree trunk large enough for me to hide in. Without knowing where I had gone my pursuer stopped in its search disappeared, leaving behind an abundance of pears for me to take.

As mother embraced me, she looked at my brothers with great disdain and hurt.

As the soil on me continued to turn into gold, the ground of our garden sprouted trees, fruits, and vegetables. My family and I stared in a daze as we watched our land grow rich and the people of the soil draw away.

*asta este povestea care mi-a generat-o mie 🙂

link-ul e aici, si asta se va transforma in leapsa, pentru ca vreau sa vad ce povesti de vis are fiecare 😀