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19 May 2011
  • primul “Te iubesc” e cel sincer, toate restu vin in apararea greselilor
  • sunt trei cuvinte care iti vor opri inima-n loc oricand – oriunde : trebuie sa vorbim
  • you promised me heaven, but i forgot you’re in hell
  • nimic din ceea ce este nu este ceea ce este pana nu pare a fi altceva
  • if you’re gonna treat me like a bitch at least give me the money
  • sometimes the best way to win a battle is not to fight back
  • “let’s just be friends” it’s the best lie ever
  • iubitule, doar tu dormi in patul meu. Eu dorm in al altora
  • i don’t have toys so i play with boys
  • `cause you know baby, in a relationship it’s all about us, but in real life, it’s all about me
  • i don’t cheat. i just wanna prove that there’s no one better than you honey :D
  • Remember that time when I looked deep in your eyes and from the bottom of my heart I told u ” I love you!” ? .. well I don’t !!
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